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Meet and socialise with people across Western Australia

Just Coffee is a dating agency local to Perth that is dedicated to matching single men and women who sincerely want to meet a new partner. We have become very successful because of one simple thing – everyone has time for coffee. Instead of trawling through online profiles or enduring a drawn out three course meal with yet another disastrous blind date, let a dating expert introduce you to someone and just chat over a coffee.

This is not an online dating service. We meet and interview all of our members, hand select compatible matches and arrange one-on-one coffee dates throughout Perth. You can be assured that with our service you will only meet genuine people who are sincere about finding a life partner. Our service is safe, confidential and has a tremendous success rate.

We meet all of our clients and match you with a suitable single based on criteria such as hobbies, interests, personalities, values and goals. The system works via membership stages. The three options available are Breve Grande, Tall Latte and Elite – each option spans across a set amount of months. Within the set time frame a specific amount of face-to-face introductions will be offered as well as other benefits, depending on which membership option you choose.

Join thousands of people across Western Australia by becoming a Just Coffee success story.

Give us a call on (08) 6460 6470 to find out more about how we can help you.

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Success Stories

I heard of Just Coffee from a friend & having done the dating scene unsuccessfully for a number of years I was looking to do it differently. Having someone else to the “match making” seemed the logical way to go provide it was done ethically.

In the previous few years I went along to a mixed social group function on a regular basis & had also attended jive & rock & roll dance lessons for over 6 years.  Both were enjoyable & the dance lessons were a lot of fun. The dancing created a lot of good friendships but other than one relationship, I didn’t find it conducive to meeting someone special. The social group’s functions were also enjoyable but the mixing only gave a superficial glimpse of a prospective partner.

I’ve always felt it would be great to have a dating agency who did things ethically & really matched people with the same interests & personalities. Having met with Danyelle, I felt I was on the right track. As Danyelle advised, they could ensure the matchups were as good as they could get from the profiles we provided & then if the chemistry happened, then were on our way to something special.

I had 9 dates before I met Jen. All were very easy & enjoyable & rarely lasted less than 2 hours. Alas – no chemistry. Jen was my 10th date & things felt great right from the start – the coffee date (well white wines) last for over 3 hours & only ended as I had to drive home. The night finished with hugs & kisses & a promise to get-together sooner than later. We went for dinner & a movie 4 days later & have been getting together about 4 times a week since we met about 6 weeks ago.  Can’t say what the future holds but as things are now, I see it being pretty good.